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What is Guildhawk Aided?

Dubbed the “magic machine” by clients, Guildhawk Aided is our AI-powered machine translation platform. Its power derives from over 7 years of supervised algorithm training as well as Guildhawk’s ultra-pure data lake of quality multilingual content written by experts.

Because of this, you can translate thousands of pages of content in mere minutes, with up to 96% accuracy. Additionally, the MT tool is available in 61 languages – a number which is growing all the time.

How does Guildhawk Aided’s AI technology work?

Chiefly, other tools use statistical machine translation, which only takes the immediate context of a word into account. Unlike those tools, Guildhawk Aided uses neural MT, which imitates the neurons of the human brain. As a result, Guildhawk Aided takes into account the entire context of a sentence, resulting in better word choice, better syntax, and more natural, flowing content.

Every time we translate something for you, our AI technology remembers key phrases and builds a translation memory of your key terminology, translation preferences, and phrases. Once we have reached a critical mass of content in your TM, we can create an AI network completely specific to you and your preferences. As a result, human involvement decreases as the content produced by machine becomes better and more bespoke.

So, to learn more about Guildhawk Aided, and the difference if could make for you, get in touch with the team. They will talk you through the options, to find a solution to fit your exact needs!

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