Learn why multilingual data verified by certified humans is crucial to train safe AI



5 Big AI Translation Trends Set to Revolutionise the Industry in 2024

In the fast-evolving landscape of Generative AI, new digital humans and AI translation solutions will revolutionise digital ecosystems like never before. Let's delve into the five major trends ...

4 min read

How can professionals best protect client privacy when translating?

A regular speaker on BBC Television, Arun Chauhan is a lawyer specialising in disputes and compliance advice ...

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Human Translation vs Machine Translation: How Do They Compare?

In the constant search for new customers in global markets, where buyers expect to see products sold in the language they understand. Small wonder then that translation is a

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ChatGPT security best practices: A comprehensive guide

Before using ChatGPT or any other AI tools, read this new safety guide. Discover the best practices for using ChatGPT safely and ensuring the security of your conversations. Learn how ...

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How global businesses use Multilingual Digital Humans

Are you facing challenges in effectively communicating safety protocols and compliance guidelines to your international workforce? Do translation barriers pose obstacles to ...

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Safe AI that transforms Lease Translation

Commercial property lease abstraction and translation was once a slow, boring, costly but crucial process for real estate professionals. Today, professionals don’t just want ...

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How AI Translation Evolved and What’s Next

Using new Generative AI like GPT to automate work is now increasingly popular due to the drive to improve efficiency. Automating translation is our area of expertise at Guildhawk. ...

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12 Types of translation services and their benefits

In an increasingly interconnected digital world, the importance of accurate and culturally sensitive communication cannot be overstated. Trusted by thousands of companies ...

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Translation Services: Unlock Global Opportunities

The key to success in today's interconnected world is effective communication, where borders blur and markets transcend national boundaries. Whether you're an individual looking ...

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Translation Services: Choosing the Right Translation Company

Businesses are recognizing the importance of translation and localisation, so the number of translation companies has increased, making it tough to pick the right one. Partnering ...

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