GPT-3 AI-translation SaaS integrations

Get a competitive edge by integrating new Generative AI into your workflow
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Improve your workflows with new Generative AI translation solutions created around your business
Infographic from Guildhawk GAI AI-Translation SaaS solution showing a person and three documents the central one has a purple tick referring to GAI Expert-in-the-Loop GPT verification services

Generative AI like GPT-3 is new disruptive technology that is revolutionising multilingual workflows. It is because the technology can help solve complex business problems and give you an edge.

Like slow, costly manual processes. These can lose you business because they delay on-boarding new clients. Working in partnership, we help you integrate multilingual AI solutions that improve results. For example, the GAI AI-Translation SaaS integrates so you can translate instantly. Plus, translated documents can be verified securely with Guildhawk Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL). You can integrate these with our API, or our in-house developers can do this for you.

Combine linguistics with new Machine Learning

Discover the results you get when you combine your industry expertise with our deep understanding of linguistics and machine learning. This is now possible due to our new AI technologies. These are trained on data sets that are trusted. Moreover, we can organise your multilingual documents and data sets to train AI.

Clean data is vital for training AI

Guildhawk’s multilingual lake is vital to training AI. It is a Single Source of Truth. The vast content in the lake was created and verified by the best human linguists. That means it is perfect for training Machine Learning models. Clean data ensures AI outperforms other models that scrape the internet for training data sets. It’s because content on the internet can be inaccurate. Using unverified data to train AI can cause the AI to generate results that are wrong, biased or even offensive.

Click here to learn why it is vital to verify results from ChatGPT.

GAI fully integrated AI-Translation or managed service

GAI AI-Translation has an API feature so it is quick and easy to integrate into your systems. It can also be provided as a managed service called Guildhawk AIDED. Results form both GAI and AIDED are authentic because the machine learning algorithms are trained on the best data. Learn more about the private data lake from Rita’s Digital Human in this video:

Traditional versus GPT powered translation

With traditional Machine Translation, you can automatically translate content in seconds. It is fast, but it can be robotic, and not entirely accurate. Also, your sensitive data may be at risk of being seen by third parties or even taken and sold. You don’t have these problems when you use Guildhawk Aided.

Our AI machine translation is secure and more natural

Our AI machine translation tool is secure. It was designed to translate vast amounts of content faster than a human linguist. Unlike most Machine Translation services, Guildhawk Aided uses Microsoft’s Neural networks, which simulates the human brain. This gives you better word choice, and more natural, flowing content. You can access this powerful machine translation direct with GAI, our new SaaS solution. Take a free trial and see the results for yourself.

AI trained on verified data gives the best results

The results generated by Guildhawk’s AI Translation are remarkable because it is trained using our verified multilingual data lake. The lake contains millions of strings of translation – all created by and verified by our trusted network of ‘Elite Linguists’. Thus, there is no risk from amateur translations or bias created by humans, and you get the best results from your algorithms.

Your data is private and safe

Your data is completely safe too because we don’t share or sell it like some companies do. All processes are independently verified and backed by ISO:27001, the international standard for data security.

Algorithms designed for your industry

Guildhawk translation algorithms are built around your language preferences. So your content is always translated with you and your business in mind. That means you can also use it to translate scripts for your Digital Humans like those of our team at Guildhawk.

Create sensational translations instantly

If you want to generate sensational translations instantly and safely, Guildhawk Aided is the ultimate solution for you. If you would like a free trial or want to know more please give us a call.

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