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  • Making your avatars multilingual  
Avatars & GAI enhance multilingual training and onboarding at Sandvik (1)


Digital Human Avatar Improves Incident Communication for Energy Provider

A leading energy infrastructure provider, responsible for operating a critical gas transmission system in a Europe, faced challenges in disseminating incident notifications among its staff. ...

2 min read

Multilingual Digital Humans Promoting Rewarding Careers in Hospitality

The Elvetham hotel is a truly breath-taking house and grounds in Hampshire. It is a special historical site, dating back to the 800s AD, with intimate ties to the British royal families. ...

2 min read

Digital human provides Chairman’s address at AGM

The future of AI came a step closer this week when a Digital Human opened an AGM. The Guildhawk Voice avatar took centre stage to present Chairman David Clarke’s address at the Annual General ...

4 min read

Helping the IGPP share key lessons with multilingual Digital Humans

Do you want to share your key learnings globally using digital human videos? Learn how Guildhawk helped the IGPP solve this exact problem with our latest AI-powered technology. ...

2 min read