Guildhawk Voice

What is Guildhawk Voice?

Using AI and avatars, Guildhawk Voice turns written content into professional video in minutes! And in 50 languages!

Automate your video production to an extreme level, and eliminate the costs and effort associated with traditional filming. With Guildhawk Voice, there’s no need for actors, physical space, or equipment. And you can hyper-localise your videos through use of specific accents, a diverse range of avatars, and translation.

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Guildhawk Voice allows you to present information in a different, more engaging way. And, if you want to make your videos highly personalised to your company and brand, we can even create avatars based on specific individuals, complete with case-by-case recording of an individual’s voice.

A selection of the Guildhawk Voice avatars currently available.

How Does it Work?

Guildhawk Voice uses sophisticated text-to-speech technology and video synthesis to turn written material into content spoken by a synthetic face and voice, with lip movements to match.

This can be combined with quality translation to produce videos in over 50 languages, accents and tones. Guildhawk offers over 40 different avatars, covering a wide range of professions – we can even turn yourself into an avatar!

Each video can have branded image or video backgrounds (including PPTs), and can even include background music, depending on what you need your content to achieve.

A basic video example – based on just 2 paragraphs and 1 image – that’s it!

A slightly more complex video, featuring video backgrounds and music.

If you would like to incorporate Guildhawk Voice into your existing Learning Management System, this is easily done.

Final videos are provided as MP4s, which can simply be uploaded to your LMS. We can even help you create and add elements such as checklists, tests and quizzes to accompany the videos.

To find out more about Guildhawk Voice, and how it could be incorporated into your workflows, get in touch with the team. They will be delighted to talk you through the different options, and tailor a solution specifically to your requirements!