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Translations for the Gaming & Apps Industry

Better translation and localisation equals better experience and better regulatory compliance

How can you make sure your games and apps are communicating effectively with every one of your end users while also meeting high standards for regulatory approval?

With a wealth of challenges including cultural references, market preferences and the complex regulation associated with gaming, you need to be sure your product is in good hands.

The answer is to trust Guildhawk. We excel at creating localised products that are as effective as if they were designed specifically for your target market. Our specialist language professionals are chosen for their experience in the gaming sector, and are based in-country to ensure every nuance is expressed and unintended negative connotations are averted. Our security and risk specialists, meanwhile, are deployed to make absolutely sure content is fit for approval.

Our technology expertise starts with our founder and CEO. A tech enthusiast and coder, she created our bespoke management system and continues to guide the business towards exciting projects that help us stay at the cutting edge.

We are a company that both develops proprietary technology solutions and leverages a wide range of existing tech to assist us in our day-to-day work. We believe that’s the key to understanding how technology works, what it requires, where development challenges lie and how valuable it is to, and within, the market. 

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“It’s an absolute necessity to communicate with visitors clearly. Guildhawk were a great help in updating the translations on our app. The team impressed us with their commitment and attentive customer service.”

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