Guildhawk provides localisation of new website content for BSI, the business improvement company.

“Organisations rightly expect their content to be consistent in every language, every time. We give them the very best tools to digitally transform and succeed. And without any fuss.”

Rita Metlovaite, Head of Client Business Transformation, Guildhawk


BSI, also known as the British Standards Institution, the business improvement company, has partnered with Guildhawk to provide localisation of its web content into languages as varied as Vietnamese, Arabic and Portuguese, in time for the launch of their new website.

Content required translation and localisation into 18 very different languages to populate their worldwide sites.

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With almost 400,000 words being handled across 18 very different languages, and a tight timeline to launch, a structured, well-scheduled project plan was key to delivery.

Guildhawk’s project team put together a detailed plan upstream of commencement, which included batched languages, carefully scheduled localisation and QA stages, and phased deliveries, to allow multilingual content to be implemented into the new site on a continuous, time-saving basis.

BSI’s new site went live at the start of 2020 in all 18 languages, and has been well received in all local territories.

Martyn Elcocks, Director of Marketing and Client Engagement at BSI commented: “As a global organization, it’s vital that visitors to our website can access the information they require about BSI’s products and services wherever they are in the world. The BSI team has worked hard to ensure the website content is clear and relevant to users – and local language is an important part of this. We’re pleased to have partnered with Guildhawk to ensure translation into 18 different languages, and hope the revamped website will continue to support clients and organisations on their journey to resilience.”

When quality and accuracy are crucial and companies want the very best in human and AI-powered machine translation, they turn to the trusted people at Guildhawk, who have over 20 years’ experience in delivering exceptional quality.