Our CEO Jurga Zilinskiene announced recently that we want to do more and inspire people globally. As a result, Guildhawk is creating multilingual Virtual Human Twins for all our colleagues. You can now meet the first of these authentic AI-powered colleagues. Please meet the virtual twin of our leader in Client Business Transformation, Rachel Moss.

Our Multilingual and AI-powered Virtual Humans are unique because they are made using our revolutionary technology, Guildhawk Voice.

We want to take you on this journey with us. Watch this quick 2-minute video and discover how this sensational new technology can inspire people instantly.

What Virtual Humans can do

Here are just some of the ways multilingual Virtual Humans will change the way you do business:

  • Create sensational how-to videos so people quickly learn procedures.
  • Protect colleagues by introducing health and safety knowledge with an authentic, friendly avatar.
  • Create official tests in your videos so you can verify your learning.
  • Win trust by telling your amazing story with the magic of moving pictures, language and art.
  • Make your global e-learning videos impactful by creating an authentic virtual twin of you and your team.  

How Virtual Humans work

Our Virtual Humans are so impactful because we create them using the latest cameras and green screen studios, and best AI text-to-speech technology.

We also translate your content using our secure AI-powered Guildhawk Aided software, verified by a human to guarantee the best quality. As a result, your words are then spoken beautifully by your AI-generated avatar. Plus, you save money compared to traditional video production with voice-overs and subtitles.

Best of all, Virtual Humans help reduce your carbon footprint because you increase learning without having to travel.

Get in touch

Take a look at our dedicated Guildhawk Voice page if you want to find out more about what we can do.

However, if you now see an instant need for multilingual AI-powered Virtual Humans in your business, get in touch with us now.