On Friday, 25th of June, Guildhawk officially launched its exciting new partnership with Gammon Construction, to build the smart cities of tomorrow.

To mark the occasion, members of the Guildhawk Management team came together with delegates from Gammon Construction and the UK Department for International Trade for a historic AI-avatar-led MOU signing.

After the ceremony, while all physically in the same room – a novelty in these persisting Covid times – the Guildhawk delegates found themselves discussing smart cities, and just how crucial the role of digitisation and language are in making smart dreams a reality.

So, they decided to get their thoughts recorded in an impromptu video session on the day, from our offices in Central London.

Covering everything from quality of data to cost savings, real-time building maintenance to the safeguarding of people’s lives, the results of this recording session can be viewed below.

We hope you enjoy it, and that it brings home quite how important language, digitisation and quality of data are as we lay the foundations for our future world.