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Helping the IGPP share key lessons with multilingual Digital Humans

Do you want to share your key learnings globally using digital human videos? Learn how Guildhawk helped the IGPP solve this exact problem with our latest AI-powered technology.

The Institute of Government & Public Policy (IGPP) is a leading influencer in ongoing public policy development and debate. The IGPP philosophy is that the most productive and positive outcomes can only be delivered through enhancing knowledge, disseminating excellence, collaboration and ongoing discussions.

The IGPP promotes improvements through partnerships, community engagement, professional development events and official research.   

In February 2022, the IGPP examined the subject of advancing AI in the public sector. Ten trusted experts shared their knowledge at the one-day online event. With its expertise in AI and languages, Guildhawk was invited to support the event. Our Director of Integrity David Clarke hosted the sessions and panel debates to help increase learning.

David Clarke Interviewed by Kevin Duala for BBC TV's Britain's Secret Charity Cheats
David Clarke, Director of Guildhawk and FAP charity Chairperson giving advice on BBC television
Screenshot of the multilingual Digital Human avatar of Guildhawk Evernoon Director David Clarke in foreground and in background the real David Clarke speaking in a studio at BBC News broadcasting house episode on Business News about Cyber crime protection

An immersive video with a Virtual Human

The IGPP wanted a summary of the event to send out and share learnings from the day. Guildhawk used its latest product Guildhawk Voice to create a short video featuring David Clarke’s face and voice as a multilingual Virtual Human.

Guildhawk passed a simple written script through its cutting-edge software that recreated David’s face and voice using secure AI technologies. Trained digital experts then used the latest video editing technologies to create a powerful and immersive video, complete with background footage, text, company logos and music.

Thanks to Guildhawk Voice, the IGPP have a short, powerful video which talks through key points, holds your attention, and improves information retention – all from a single English script.

Reaching Global Audiences

Guildhawk also used its state of the art translation capabilities to help this content reach a global audience. Using a blend of qualified human linguists and its AI-powered machine translation Guildhawk Aided, Guildhawk was able to expertly recreate David’s Virtual Human into French, a language he does not speak.

The hosting of the event by the real Mr. Clarke and the support provided by his multilingual Virtual Human has been well received.

You can view the English and French videos below: 

Video of Guildhawk multilingual digital human of Rita explaining how new AI translations improve communication