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Translations created and verified by Guildhawk’s global network of ‘Elite Linguists’

Introducing our Elite Linguists

You hire elite professionals to create your content because they understand the result you want. When you give content to Guildhawk to translate, we guarantee the result will be amazing because it will be translated by our Elite Linguists. Why are they elite? Because they have the credentials and the expertise in your industry to deliver the results you want. This means completely accurate translations that are true to the source material. So, technical specifications in a construction manual are precise. Translated medicine labels are 100% accurate and comply with regulations. Plus, if you want original, multilingual copy that will surprise and delight, these are your star team.

People, Process and AI

The people and processes we have worked with since 2001 helped Guildhawk to create GAI, our new Generative AI-translation SaaS. We understand how the best workflows operate.

Clients may want pure human translation from one of our Elite Linguists. The translated content you receive will be accurate because it is meticulously researched, written and validated.

You may want a Guildhawk linguist to certify or verify that an AI-translation generated by GAI has the right corporate style and nuances. This is quick and easy to do using the new function on GAI.


We call this process, Expert-in-the-Loop or EITL and it is automated within the secure GAI platform.

Instant Access

Simply task your Guildhawk linguist on the platform saying what you want. You get an instant quote, approve it and our linguist does the work. This is especially handy for projects that not require a project manager.

Thus, with Guildhawk, you can be sure nothing gets lost in translation.

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Elite Linguist means certified and tested

You can trust an Elite Linguist because Guildhawk have verified their qualifications and tested their linguistic skills. This happens before they are assigned to work on a project. It doesn’t stop there. Once their skills and industry credentials are verified, their translations are reviewed independently by peers. In addition, clients and Guildhawk’s network of experts in industry will critique the linguists skills and style. Following testing, the linguist is placed on QCS+, our powerful integrated management platform. To guarantee linguists are only assigned to translate content they have mastered, classifications are applied on the platform.

Elite Linguist means continuous improvement

To guarantee translation results are maintained, linguists are continuously tested. This takes the form of proofreading by an independent linguist. Feedback from clients and other experts is also used. We call this process, ‘Mark My Words’. This ongoing performance feedback is recorded on QCS+ and thus helps the linguist to continuously improve. These ironclad controls are robust since they are backed by ISO:9001 for quality and ISO:27001 for information security. This means Guildhawk is independently inspected. In short, Elite Linguists go hand-in-hand with elite management processes. This may sound like a big challenge but once introduced, the disciplines help make projects quicker and easier to complete. That’s probably why our Elite Linguists and project managers value them. Many of our translators and interpreters have been our partners since Guildhawk was founded in 2001.

Technology helps linguists

Professional linguists know how to make best use of the latest translation technologies. That’s essential because content comes in multiple formats and languages. This can create a pain point for many companies that operate globally. It is because, this data is often not easily machine readable. This creates a need for manual translation processes. These can cause delays and result in extra costs. Worst of all, small details can get missed by the human eye. That could result in harm to people, the environment and the business. The best solution is to use technology to help the linguist.

Linguists train technology

Linguists understand the nuances used in different industries and create the fuel that is needed to train technology. The professional translations created by our Elite Linguists are verified and go our private data lake. This vast Single Source of Truth is used to train the Machine Learning that powers our GAI and Guildhawk Aided Machine Translation solutions. Even when small changes are made to a translation, these are verified by one or more of our qualified linguists. This discipline is crucial since the data lake is the ‘truth’ that influence the results produced by our AI-translation.

And why do we care about translation?

We care about translation because Guildhawk exists to unite people through language. That means communicating in the best way possible.

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