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Qualified linguists and Guildhawk Expert-in-loop (G-EITL) verified translations you can trust

We know the passion and care you put into your words is key to your business.

It’s vital to your ability to trade and inspire confidence in your customers and clients. Speak poorly, and you risk losing trust before you ever had the chance to earn it. In unfamiliar global markets, that might prove disastrous.

Information that is in multiple formats and languages can create a pain point for many companies that operate globally. It is because, this data is not readable and thus insights are not seen instantly. This creates a need for manual processes. These can cause delays and result in extra costs. Moreover, risks can be missed that result in harm to people, the environment and the business.

Our people, processes and Machine Translation (MT) technologies remove these problems. Qualified translators, consultants and software specialists will help your business quickly solve multilingual challenges.  We create better workflows and develop software that integrates with systems and people. The translated content you receive is accurate because it is meticulously researched, written and validated, using translation specialists. These linguists are qualified and understand the nuances of your industry and only ever translate into their native language to ensure quality.

Expert linguists also create and verify content that goes into our private data lake that is used to train the Machine Learning that powers our Machine Translation solutions. Even when small changes are made to a translation, these are verified by one or more of our qualified linguists. This process is part of our Guildhawk Expert-in-the-loop or G-EITL, translation process. Our approach goes beyond the traditional Human-in-the-loop (HITL) model by guaranteeing the human is an expert with the credentials and experience to translate, localise or verify your content.

Thus, with Guildhawk, you can be sure nothing gets lost in translation.

Guildhawk exists to unite people through language. You can trust us for translation services, localisation, proofreading and project management, as well as multilingual content creation and management across your multiple platforms.

Whatever your language requirement, we’ll work in partnership with your team to provide consultation and analysis, so we can advise you on the most strategic, secure and cost-efficient services to drive your business growth and results. We look forward to working with you.

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